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Sri Lanka 10 – days / the Pearl of the Orient

unJourney’s profile

Type: circuit classic

A: for all audiences

Hotels: The best possible Hotels at each point

Difficulty: easy, acceptable physical shape considering that monuments are visited on foot.


  • Orphanage of them elephants in Pinnawala: the largest herd of elephants encautiverio in the world.
  • The monuments of POLONNARUWA, a city medieval well preserved with 4 images large of Buddha.
  • The caves of Dambulla from 1st century B.c. stone structures, recognized by Unesco as a world heritage site.
  • The tea plantations in Kandy.
  • Horton Plains: A reserve of animals with waterfalls, water of high purezaen more than 2300 meters high.
  • Galle Fort: A fortress from 18TH century built by the Portuguese
  • Excursion with boat in the river Madhu Ganga to see the life daily of population that lives surroundings.

D: breakfast A: C: lunch dinner


Day 1

Sri-lanka-1_img_3Arrival at Colombo / Pinnawela / Anuradhapura

Output in flight regular to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Welcomes us our correspondent at the airport and transfer to the hotel in Polonnaruwa, is a short two-hour route.

En route visit Pinnawela: elephant orphanage.

Orphanage of elephants is located to the Northwest of the city Kegalle, to half Road between the current capital of Colombo and the old residence real in the hills of Kandy, Sri Lanka. It was established in 1975 by the Department of wildlife in the country. This 24-acre great elephant orphanage is a place also for the breeding of elephants, more than twenty elephants were born after 1984, and has the largest herd of elephants in captivity in the world.

Visit Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura was colonized by Anuradha, a follower of Prince Vijaya, the founder of the Sinhala race. Later, became the capital by King Pandukabhaya, about 380 to Christ, the city of King Pandukabhaya was a planning model. Seals were reserved for those hunters, scavengers and them heretics, as well as for the foreigners. [Alojamiento -Cena]

Day 2

Anuradhapura / Polonnaruwa

Sri-lanka-1_img_4After the breakfast we will leave to Polonnaruwa.

POLONNARUWA – UNESCO World Heritage, rose to prominence after the fall of Anuradhapura. Its period of greatness was of the century 10-12. All the landscape of the region is marked by huge reservoirs artificial, with real seas interior of which the more famous are the Parakrama Samudra or the sea of Parakrama, more large in size that the port of Colombo. The monuments of this medieval town are relatively well preserved and give clear evidence of the glory of the past. See the complex of the Royal Palace, the quad with its concentration of ancient heritage and spectacular complex Gal Vihare four massive Buddha images, cut from a single block of granite – a highlight of rock hewn from the ancient Sri Lanka. [Accommodation – dinner}

Day 3

Polonnaruwa / Sigiriya / Minneriya / Dambulla

Sri-lanka-1_img_5This site from the world heritage of UNESCO, of a spectacular rock fortress, is one of the main attractions of Sri Lanka. Them more impressive facets of the complex are them gardens of the water, them fresh of beautiful maidens, the mirror of the wall with graffiti old, the platform of lion and the Summit of 1.6 hectares, that was completely covered by buildings during the period of the glory of Sigiriya. [Accommodation – dinner}

Day 4

Dambulla / Mathale / Kandy

Sri-lanka-1_img_6After breakfast we left for Kandy. In route tour of the temples of caves of Dambulla. Cave Temples of Dambulla – dating back to the 1st century d. C., used this complex of 5 caves as refuge by an old king who when I regained his throne, commissioned magnificent images carved into the rocks. Later Kings did more works of paintings and most of the paintings are from the beginning of the 19th century – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Continue towards Kandy, to through the gardens of Spice (spice Garden). Afternoon cultural folkloric show. [Accommodation – dinner}

Day 5


Sri-lanka-1_img_7Visit: Kandy was the last capital of the Kings of Sri Lanka, that now is heritage of the humanity. The name Kandy conjures up visions of splendor and magnificence. Many of the legends, traditions and folklore are still alive with love. A tour of the Kandy Lake, built by the last Sinhalese King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe in 1806. Visit of Center of crafts and a Museum of precious stones and a lapidary, where we will see cutting or polishing precious stones. By the afternoon visit of the Botanical Garden of Peradeniya. This Botanical Garden was built as an amusement park by a Sinhalese King and was expanded by the British. It is 147 hectares and offers an amazing variety of trees, plants and flowers. By the afternoon visit of the Temple of Kandy. [Accommodation – dinner}

Day 6

Kandy / Nuwara Eliya

Sri-lanka-1_img_8After breakfast depart to Nuwara Eliya, En route visit a tea plantation and a tea factory. In road enjoyment of the magnificent landscapes of waterfalls, mountains covered of fog and houses style British with fragrant gardens of flowers. Visit a tea plantation and a tea factory, which manufactured the best quality tea cultivated in Sri Lanka and refresh yourself with a cup of freshly brewed tea. Nuwara Eliya is the terrain of the mountain more high of Sri Lanka, that is is to an altitude of 2,510 meters on the level of the sea. This city in the region mountain of Sri Lanka was nominated by them British as “little England” [{accommodation-dinner}]

Day 7

Nuwara Eliya / Katharagama

Sri-lanka-1_img_9The most famous place for foreigners in Sri Lanka is Horton Plains. Horton Plains are found in those districts Nuwara eliya, Badulla and Rathnapura. There are two main entrances to this plain. The Great Plains, Savannah, waterfalls, high purity water, forests and several areas of natural ecological diversity and height, are available for visiting Horton Plains. Horton Plains is controlled by the Department of wild life in Sri Lanka. Plains Horton are invented by Mr. Horton who was Hunter of animals in period of British Government. At the beginning of this place are identified as ‘Maha Eliya’. Eliya means Plains and Maha means big. In this case, the meaning real of this name is a plain large. This area is high more than 2300 meters above sea level. Continue towards Katharagama and enroute visit cascade of Ravana: Kataragama a popular pilgrimage destination frequented by followers of all religions in Sri Lanka. The main sanctuary dedicated to Skanda popularly described praise as God who has six faces and twelve arms whose blessing is sought for worldly profits. The history of the Hermitage dates from the century 2 to of C. [{accommodation-dinner}]

Day 8

Katharagama / Galle / Bentota

Sri-lanka-1_img_10After the breakfast we will go to Bentota. In route visit Galle. Galle Fort (strong Galle) Portuguese built the first Fort to resist the attack of the kingdoms of Sri Lanka from the North. Dutch, that took them cities coastal of them Portuguese improved the system of Defense of the fortress, the enlargement of the pit of water, the walls and them bastions. British that took the city not made many changes and therefore the environment Dutch is preserved until the date. The entrance to the fortress carved from the interior arch is still in use. Still there are many buildings ancient Dutch intact but in those hands private. The walls and bastions still bring to the life of the old world. Strong Dutch (Dutch Fort) built by an officer of the Dutch army at the site of a former Portuguese Church and was completed in 1754, the Church is still near the new entrance of the fortress. The Church boasts record of marriages from 1748 and baptism from 1678. Another important point of the building is that there are no pillars inside and the weight of the roof is supported on the walls. Excursion with boat in the afternoon on the river Madhu: between Colombo and Galle there is a beautiful river called Madu Ganga in Balapitiya, who has become a part of the lives of the people in the area. Initially, Madu Ganga is considered the second largest wetland in Sri Lanka, which consists of 28 Islands, including two main islands that provide refuge for 215 families. Also visit Kosgoda turtle hatchery. [Accommodation – dinner}

Day 9

Bentota / Colombo

Sri-lanka-1_img_11After breakfast we leave for Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka is located on the West coast of Sri Lanka. Guests can take a tour around the city which includes: Fort, the former British administrative center, old building of the Parliament, a hindu Temple and a Dutch Church. Also can visit the BMICH (Bandaranaike Memorial of the Conference International of the Salon architecture built by the Government Chinese.) ) See the replica of the statue from Aukana Buda and independence square. Tour of shopping by the afternoon and those customers can buy in ODEL, that is famous by fabrics of design and center of porcelain Noritake famous by goods of ceramic. [Accommodation – dinner}

Day 10

Colombo / airport

Depending on the time, transfer to the international airport. Day on-board and arrival in Spain.


Category: 4 *

Palm Garden Village, Anuradhapura

The hotel is situated in a plot of 50 hectares of land. More than 500 trees with the permission of the forest Department and replanted in the garden of the hotel. 40 rooms with air State with beds compatible, furnished and equipped with all them amenities for put immediately to like with like: armchairs, a shelf for the luggage, a wide wardrobe, a desk, a table and chairs. Room of bath with shower. Mini bar and TV with satellite channels.

Web: www.palmgardenvillage.com

Sri-lanka-1_img_14Deer Park Hotel, Polonnaruwa

Deer Park Hotel in Sri Lanka is your window to the magnificent past of Sri Lanka. Wild elephants, leopards, sloth bears and crocodiles are just some of the majestic animals that can arise in a jeep safari. Known as the old hunting ground of Sri Lanka due to the surrounding jungle. Them 77 homes are comfortably furnished with beds double or two beds individual, living room with sofa bed, dressing room, air conditioning, fan of ceiling and TV via satellite. Relax in an elegant combination of vibrant colors and earth tones, while a row of elephants traditional candle for your dreams every night. Most of the houses are equipped with outdoor unique garden bathrooms with outdoor showers so you can enjoy the sensational experience of a shower under the stars.

Web: www.deerparksrilanka.com

Sri-lanka-1_img_15Amaya Lake Hotel, Dambulla

The 50-acre sanctuary offers eco-friendly accommodation with outdoor pool and 4 dining options. Amaya Lake in the middle of a tropical Park ensures that guests can relax with the sounds of nature in a peaceful setting overlooking a picturesque lake. -Spa – Conference (s) room service – 24 hour – hammocks – 24 hour room service – business centre rooms for non-smokers and areas – bird watching – Waterpolo – Ox-Cart rides – fishing – track jogging – rafting – Trekking – rowing – cycling – volleyball – swimming pool – Yoga – Massage – swimming pool – Wi-Fi access to Internet – Concierge – Center Ayurvedic (traditional alternative medicine of the India) – walks through the jungle – Restaurant / Bar.

Web: www.amayalake.com

Sri-lanka-1_img_16Amaya Hills Hotel Kandy

On the banks of the charming Lake Kandalama, discover a lifestyle defined by tradition and natural splendor. Set amid 40 acres of lush forest, Amaya Lake retains the aura of the local historical treasures, the complex is the ideal base to explore the wonders of nearby, such as the ancient city of Anuradhapura and Dambulla cave temples. Farm-style accommodation allows guests to experience traditional village life Sri Lanka, while private lodges, chalets and suites create spaces of local inspiration with touches of luxury. Enjoy the Ayurvedic spa treatments, immerse yourself in a wide range of natural remedies as old as the hills.

Web: http://www.amayaresorts.com/

Sri-lanka-1_img_17Grand Hotel. Nuwara Eliya

It may be the 21st century, but the colonial splendour still reigns in all its glory in the Grand Hotel. Built in 1891, this was the residence Palace of the ex Governor of Sri Lanka, today offer the maximum comfort and the best of them traditions charm of the old world and comfort elegant in them 154 rooms, with views calm of hills. You can admire the well established gardens of roses. The baths hot and heating hot you will keep cozy in the nights cold.

Web: www.tangerinehotels.com

Sri-lanka-1_img_18Chaaya Wild, Yala

The Chaaya Wild has with a number of chalets scattered in 10 hectares of forest always green mixed of the vegetation typical of the area dry. Pool, restaurant with view to flight of bird and a platform of observation also is put to disposition of the guests. The Asian elephant, illusory Leopard, spotted deer, wild boar and many varieties of birds are frequent visitors to the village. Each villa is air conditioned, tours fauna, bird watching and historical tours are some of the activities that are offered for stays in the Hotel.

Web: www.chaayawild.com

Sri-lanka-1_img_19The Palms, Bentota

Full of elegance, The Palms is wrapped up in a bathed by the Sun in expansion of 8 hectares, beach of color of honey in the city coastal of Beruwala. Design distinctive The Palms ‘ also means that the rooms of the hotel all was open to a sea turquoise with dyes bright. For the lover of the Sun in you, enjoy in the rays of gold of the paradise in the comfort of your own room terrace, or try a sun lounger by the pool, our mini bar – island is also prepared in the vicinity, while enjoying the breeze of the lazy afternoon in quiet joy. For our guests to who them would love a bit of mimo, have a Center Ayurvedic of the hotel as a luxurious range of massages.

Web: http://www.forthotels.lk/palms/

Sri-lanka-1_img_21Galle Face Hotel, Colombo

Hotel of Sri Lanka iconic historic, Galle Face Hotel, located in the heart of Colombo, along the paseo maritime facing the famous Galle Face. No visit to Sri Lanka is complete without staying in this elegant award-winning historic hotel built in 1864. The hotel reflects the grandeur of a bygone era but offering amenities for today’s traveler. One of the hotels more ancient of the this of the Suez, the Galle Face Hotel was established in 1864. Over the years, the hotel has hosted royalty and celebrities. Has survived to many tests and is testimony of the inherent the warmth of Sri Lanka. Today it is where old-world charm meets modern luxury hospitality. More than 60 rooms with all the comforts modern.

Web: http://www.gallefacehotel.com/


Category: 5 *

Cinnamon Lodge, Habarana

Sri-lanka-1_img_22It has over 27 hectares of lush and wooded ground Cinnamon Lodge Habarana, with more than 1,700 trees. The architect of the inspiration derived from the glorious remains of Ritigala – a monastery property dating back to the 6th century. 137 villas are carefully prepared to provide absolute privacy and comfort, making Cinnamon Lodge a spacious private resort offers its guests the luxury of space and indulgences. Guests can pamper yourself with best foods of the country at three restaurants which are renowned for delicious dishes ranging from local specialities to international dishes. To be a truly ecological resort, Cinnamon Lodge Habarana also offers the option of enjoying high organic cuisine prepared from the products of their own organic farm.

Web: http://www.cinnamonhotels.com/CinnamonLodgeHabarana.htm

Mahaweli Reach, Kandy

Sri-lanka-1_img_23Old Kingdom of Kandy, the longest river in Sri Lanka and the wonderful mountains, lies the Mahaweli Reach Hotel Palace. Mysteriously hidden behind the lush gardens tropical green in the shores of the plush of the river Mahaweli. A modern hotel that retains the charm of the old world and hospitality. The newly renovated 112 rooms, now each with their own private balcony which offers a breathtaking view of the river Mahaweli and the tropical garden of the hotel. These rooms have been decorated and each influenced specifically colonial and traditional interior Kandy designs including all modern-day accessories and attachments

Web: http://www.mahaweli.com/

Heritance Tea Factory Hotel, Nuwara Eliya

Sri-lanka-1_img_24Where in the world can stay in a converted tea factory, start your own tea and take it home with you as a souvenir?, 2 km above sea level, overlooking the lush plantations organic Greens enjoy the beauty of Nuwara Eliya. . Them 54 cozy rooms carpeted have with tubs shower in the heating for when the fog close in. our restaurant main, offer the unusual experience of dinner in an of via close wagons of railroad of 1930. In addition to find out about local wildlife and community on our walks in nature, you have the opportunity to choose their own tea and which processes it on our Mini Tea Factory, so that you can take a small piece of Sri Lanka home with you. Heritance Tea Factory has won 26 awards for its architecture, heritage and environmental policies.

Web: http://www.heritancehotels.com/teafactory/

Vivanta Taj, Bentota

Sri-lanka-1_img_25Located in an of the best beaches of the coast West of the South, continues being the beach and spa charming complex, where them lovers of it fun return for them good times. Now has been renovated living spaces, restaurants, high energy bar, and spa, solid wood high ceiling in the impressive lobby. Look at the image of postal of windows views to the blue of the Ocean Indian. 160 rooms modern with sit-outs private give to them lush gardens and the blue waters of the Ocean Indian with all the shops and services modern. Marked colonial architecture with red tile roofs, and a terrace with infinity pool.


Prices are net per person and valid through March 31, 2014.

* Services included in the price:

Accommodation in a double room in hotels planned or similar.

Vehicle air conditioning with drivers and fuel available all day trip for

transfers, tours, shopping, lunch out of the hotel.

Accommodation with half board during travel.

All entries of the monuments.

Guide / Companion speaks Spanish for all travel.

Mineral water bottle per person per day in the tourist rates vehicle

Welcome or farewell gift

Welcome in Spanish by a Virat Tours representative/Guide at the airport.

Assistance telephone to the customer in Spanish 24 h

Price based on double accommodation. The nights extra or the rooms individual have supplement. * Change of Hotel or route, only with permission of the Agency.

Transfers from the airport to the hotel – airport for less than 4 people have supplement.

The company organizing not is will be responsible of any loss or damage in the luggage during them displacements, delays or cancellations in them flights due to disasters natural, as well as roads cut, strikes, etc.


Rates from airport, drinks out of vehicles, restaurants, room, etc., Visa, personal expenses, gratuities, travel insurance, services not mentioned in section of service included.


Option 1. Maldives (Maldives 3 nights)


Output in flight regular. Day on board. Arrival in Maldives, assistance by our correspondent and transfer to the hotel. Night in Maldives


Sri-lanka-1_img_27Day at leisure to enjoy Sun, sand and sea, thousands of Islands, vast lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for an ideal tropical holiday destination. However, the Maldives are much more than that. Nights in the Maldives.


Day free to enjoy the beaches. Night in the Maldives.


The international airport shuttle free day for shopping, according to flight schedules.


Night aboard and arrival in your country.

Supplement price of stay: depends on application of the month, number of people and hotel category, there are many options to choose from.

Price includes: 03 nights of hotel in Maldives, half-board, ida Colombo – Male (Maldives), there are No guides speak Spanish for visits, transportation all transfers.

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